Retirement Income Is Falling Short in All but These 3 States

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From  May 23rd, 2016 By Elizabeth O’Brien What do retirees in Hawaii, Alaska, and South Carolina have in common? Turns out seniors in those three states share something significant: retirement incomes that equal at least 70% of the income they earned in their working years, according to astudy released today by Incomes for… Read more »

Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Review Meetings

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From, March 18th 2016 By Thomas Mingone Increasingly, we live in a do-it-yourself world. YouTube videos walk us through simple home repairs that minimize the need for plumbers and electricians. Sophisticated robo-advisor algorithms allow self-directed investors to build and automatically rebalance their own portfolios. And user-friendly tax software from the likes of Intuit and… Read more »

Here’s How to Help Your Grandkids Pay for College

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From, January 26th 2016 By Beth Braverman A growing number of Baby Boomers start pondering their financial legacy, helping grandchildren (and their parents) cover the skyrocketing costs of college seems like a no-brainer. Assisting with college costs is a big gift that benefits both younger generations at once, and it’s more meaningful than simply… Read more »

How to Avoid Making Mistakes With Your 529 College Savings

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From, September 10, 2015 By Kate Stalter There’s no question that 529 college savings plans have distinct advantages. In particular, they allow parents and grandparents to save for children’s college costs without paying any taxes on investment growth until the money is withdrawn. To avoid penalties, the money must be used for qualified education expenses. At… Read more »