Grandparents: Don’t Make a 529 Plan Mistake

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From, September 8, 2015 By Kate Stalter It’s no secret that baby boomers and Generation X are notoriously poor savers. Whatever the reasons, there are likely large numbers from the boomer and Gen X group who find themselves unable to put away much money for their children’s college educations. Enter the grandparents. According to a… Read more »

In Alzheimer’s Cases, Financial Ruin and Abuse Are Always Lurking

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From The New York Times, January 30, 2015 Midway through the film “Still Alice,” which tracks the growing grip of Alzheimer’s on a 50-something Columbia University professor, that professor, played by Julianne Moore, stands at a lectern to address an Alzheimer’s conference. She is holding a yellow highlighter and a copy of her speech. She… Read more »

Tackle the Elephant in the Room, Tactfully

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From Financial Advisor IQ, January 7, 2015 In an ideal world, professionals would always be able to tell clients exactly what they’re doing wrong with their lives. It would improve the clients’ finances and reduce the professionals’ stress. But in reality, that kind of candor would jeopardize valuable relationships. Instead, much goes unsaid, even when… Read more »